Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Weekend at Maui, and a busy weekend coming up!

Well, this week has been a whirlwind of chaos. The good kind of chaos, ofcourse. ;) Trevor and Remi got home from Chicago on Monday after a good weekend for both. Trevor had a pretty good dressage test in the Advanced division. Not his best, gotta get that canter work a little more forward, but solid work. He jumped phenomenally XC Saturday! Jess took it really slow w/ him, wanting to be sure he stays sound and is fit enough for his tasks. But he jumped better than ever! SJ went well for Trev. One rail came down, but as I say "Whatever." lol I think he and Jess disagreed on the striding down a line so the rail fell. I think we can definately consider it a very successful outing for the 2 of them! One step closer to the big show!
Remi ran Novice at Maui Jim and was awesome. Was 1 point off the lead after dressage... the funny part? Jess turned the wrong way after the first trot down center line, so he was 1 pt off the lead with a 2 point error! She won't do that again... :) He jumped fast and clean xc and also had 1 rail in SJ on Sunday. He finished a good 3rd place. (Only his 3rd HT, finished in the ribbons in all of them and finished 1st and 3rd in 2 of them. Not bad!). Trevor, Remi, and Salsa are going down the road this weekend to an "A" jumper show in town. Trevor will do a Mini-Prix, and the others will go do some jumper classes to keep sharp.

At my other barn, all of my kids are getting ready for their "Big" schooling show at Poplar Place on Saturday. It will be the first dressage test for all of them... *gulp* All of the kids have worked SO hard to prepare for this show, I really want it to go well for them. There are a couple of opinionated ponies being ridden though, so we'll see. ;) Introductory tests A and B have never been so daunting! Say a prayer for them all that they keep their cool and ride as well as I know they can! I'm also going to be doing Intro B on one of my girl's Haflinger pony. That should be fun to see! Afterwards Jelly and I are schooling XC with another one of my students. It's her first time on xc and she is *very* excited. So it's gonna be a big weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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