Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gearing up for big things!

So it's July 26th... only a few days until August. Why is that important? Because August is when all of the fun starts! Trevor and Jess leave a week from today on Aug. 2nd to make the long haul up to Canada for the Wits End CIC 3*. Luckily Jess won't have to make the trip alone as she is meeting up with Kyle Carter in Atlanta and they will make the rest of the trip up together. I wish I could go, but there are a lot of horses being left behind at the farm that still have to be fed, groomed, and ridden every day. Not to mention that I have to teach as many lessons as possible in the next few weeks and earn as much money as I can so that I can enjoy our trip to England!

The week after Jess and Trevor get back from Wits End we have a big clinic planned. Jan Byyny is coming down to teach a clinic at a friend's farm in Montgomery. I'm SO excited! I'll be taking Jelly for both days and can't wait to see what Jan does with us! Jumping day should just be a lot of fun, but I'm hoping Dressage day turns out to be a serious butt-kicking for Jelly and hopefully we can solve some of the issues we've been dealing with on the flat.

Two days after the big clinic is a schooling show at Poplar Place. I'm definately planning on taking Jelly, but can't decide what level to enter. We've been doing Novice together for SO long, and I would really love to make the move up to Training for this combined test. I know he can do the show jumping well, but he's so inconsistent in his dressage work. Maybe if we can get some good work done before then, in combination with the Jan clinic that week, maybe Jelly will make his big move-up that weekend. We'll see!

The weekend after the Poplar show is a H/J show near Montgomery where I'll be taking all of the kids from Silver Lining. That should be a fun day for all of the kids. :) Then it's only a few days until our plane leaves for England! It's hard to believe how close it is now!

Fingers crossed that the next 4 weeks go by smoothly and with no nasty suprises. We're almost there! Also, my parents got home late last night from their mission trip to Venezuela. They had a great time and are very happy to be home in the air conditioning and far from any machine guns. :) So glad they had a safe and successful trip!

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