Monday, August 3, 2009

Chaos and Downtime

Chaos and Downtime... a bit of a contradiction, yes? That's life.
The chaos started Wednesday evening when we found out that our flying buddy for England, Kyle Carter, had decided not to make the trip. No biggie right? Just fly with someone else out of a different airport (as opposed to ATL just down the street). Not that easy though. Driving Trevor to Canada this week for Wits End, then back down (about a 24hr drive), just to drive *back* up to NY or Toronto in 2 weeks, put him on a plane for 9 hrs, then depending on where we would fly out of, possibly putting him on a lorry for a 9 hr drive to our yard.... not a good idea! Too much travel for a pony. So we decided the only way to do it in Trevor's best interest would be for them to not come home from Wits End and to just stay up North. Great plan! But wait... *We hadn't started packing for Europe yet!!!* (Insert nervous breakdown here). So we had Thursday and Friday morning to get everything packed, not only for a week at Wits End, but also for 2 weeks in VA at Jan's, and almost 4 weeks in England! Never fear, we got it all done. I definately won't say that I would want to do it again though!

The downtime came in a little later. We got all of the packing done and I hit the road heading for Augusta, GA for the weekend to visit my boyfriend who has been living up there all summer on an internship. We went to a movie friday night and then were on the road very early saturday morning heading for Charleston, SC for a day of walking the streets, shopping, eating, and relaxing. It was wonderful! The weekend ended all too soon after a nice church service Sunday morning and lunch at The Augusta Country Club. I had to be back home to take care of both barns full of horses Sunday evening. But it was a great trip! So nice to spend some time together and just relax... no stall cleaning!

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