Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready..... Set.........

So today was an "off" day in that Trevor was not competing. But we got a lot done! We unpacked pretty much everything for the trip, put silver duct tape with Jess's name on almost everything Trevor has, and then repacked it all. Trevor did some flat work just to stretch his legs and work on some little details (like the ever-evil rein back).

I got to spend a lot of time with Elizabeth today. :) We went shopping at the vendor village at the horse show and I got a really cute Polo shirt for like half what they usually cost (I'm cheap and all about some deals!). Then I braided Freddie, Elizabeth's Novice Pro of a horse, and made him all pretty for his dressage test. He looked like such a big boy! Freddie's dressage test was SO great! Elizabeth should be very proud of her pony and how far he's come in the past year. He is a really nice horse! He scored a 38 and is just out of 8th in his division in his very first Novice HT. Yay Freddie!

Trevor goes Cross Country in the morning at like 10:35 eastern time. I walked the course with Jess this afternoon and it looks really good. BIG, but good. Hopefully it will be a good positive run for the both of them before shipping out for the big show. Jess leaves for the airport really soon after she rides, and I'll stay at the show w/ Trevor until about 3:00. Then we head out with Missy and go to Gladstone for quarantine. We should be getting there around 3 or 4 am... long drive. The horses will get fluids and have a chance to rest while in NJ. I will have to leave for Newark Airport at 11:00 am Sunday, but Trevor's flight won't leave JFK for Stanstead until 11:00 pm. My flight from Newark leaves a little before 7pm Sunday evening and I'll arrive in London at Heathrow Airport around 10:00 am Monday (local London time).

I'm sure I won't be able to post tomorrow, because I'll go straight from the horse show to the truck for the long drive. But I should be able to post something from the Airport when I get settled in at Newark. Saturday and Sunday are one long strung-together day in my mind, but to everyone else I'll miss a day on here. Sorry!

Say a prayer that Trevor and Jess have a great and safe run on cross country tomorrow and that we have a safe drive to NJ. The next few days are going to be very long and full of travel!

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