Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last night was a fun night! We got to go to the horse show at Windsor Castle, which is completely gorgeous by the way. :) We got there and bought our tickets and walked through the gates and the sign at the entrance said "European Show Jumping and Dressage Championships"! None of us had any idea that was what the show was. haha! I asked Emma, Phillip Dutton's groom, and she said "Yeah, it's like our Pan American Games". It was SO cool!!! Jess and I shopped around in the vendor village for a while, then went to our seats for the demos. They did a Para-Dressage demo, a Shetland Pony Grand National, Driving Exhibition, the Eventing Grand Prix, and a Puissance! It was so awesome!

This morning David came for early lessons again. Trevor and Jess had a great dressage lesson! We used one of the new saddle pads that Patricia at EcoGold sent us and Wow!!! It looks great on Trevor, with the Canadian flag sewn onto the corner, and it works brilliantly. Trevor has trouble with his saddle slipping, and with these pads it stays put no matter what! Thanks Patricia!!! We'll definately be using that on XC at Blenheim!

Emma went into London with her family tonight and I got the great honor of taking care of Milo (TruLuck). :) It was just cool to even clean his stall and take him for his walk! haha

Tomorrow should be slow. David is doing jump lessons with everyone in the morning, then we will probably have another easy day after that. We all watched a movie at lunch today, and will probably do the same tomorrow. :) The weather is frigid here. I have never been so cold in August! There was frost on the windows in the place we are good when there is no heat in the house! It's all good though, I think I packed enough long sleeves. I'll add pictures tomorrow. Camera is in the house and everyone else has gone to bed early.

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