Monday, August 31, 2009

Burghley and Bunnies

Today was another slow day at Maizey Manor. All of the horses that live here on the farm went to a one-day horse trial today, so it was uncommonly quiet on the farm all day. David was here this morning for lessons again. Trevor did Dressage this morning and I ran the video camera so that Jess could watch it afterwards. It was a really good lesson, and Jess was pleased with Trevor's work. He is really learning how to go with a good 'step' in both his trot and canter work now. The power coming from behind and the energy with which it is coming is making his work much more uphill and positive. All good things. :)

The Burghley horses will be leaving on lorries in the morning, so Sandra and Paige have been unpacking and repacking all day. It will be strange here when they all leave! It has been so fun having the whole team together, but today was our last day to have us all on the farm. Diana Burnett and her horse Manny, and Kyle Carter and his horse Parker (Madison Park) are leaving in the morning with their grooms (Paige and Sandra). So for the rest of the week it will just be me and Amanda taking care of our horses, and our riders Jess and Jessie. Both of the Jesses are leaving Friday to go to Burghley for the weekend and then it will just be Amanda and me on the farm. We will probably watch Burghley on the computer and do a LOT of hand-walking! :)

So unfortunately the most interesting thing that I have to report is that I saw 34 bunnies today. Seriously! Those things run around here just like squirrels do at home, except they aren't as skittish around people as squirrels are. I always walk within feet of them and they dont' hop away. Strange really. I"ve come to the personal conclusion that the only thing that outnumbers rabbits in England is slugs. Not nearly as cute and fluffy.

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