Thursday, August 13, 2009

New plans, old plans, and lots of lists

So our plans have changed about a million times in the past week, but all eyes are still on that one main goal of getting to Blenheim and making the Canadian team proud. Jess and Trevor had a little..."glitch"... at Wits End CIC 3* last weekend. For the first time ever, Jess fell off of Trevor. And Jess doesn't do anything if she doesn't do it in fine form. haha! So after a dramatic spill at fence 7 on XC, our plans have taken a tumble of their own. We've gotten pretty good at changing complex plans in the matter of a couple of days and making it look like it was supposed to happen that way.

Old Plan: Run Wits End, then Trevor goes to Jan Byyny's for the week to be worked and get ready, then I fly to VA next Friday to finalize packing and then ride to NY with Max (Karen O'Connor's groom) and on to England. (Seems so simple now... haha)

New Plan: Trevor is in VA at Mara Dean's being ridden and taken great care of by Mara (thanks Mara!) because poor sweet Jan had a spill of her own at Phillip's farm on a younger horse and broke her foot. (so no Burghley for Jan. Bummer!). Jess and Trevor will run Advanced at Richland Park next weekend, Aug. 22 and only do the Dressage and XC. So I will be flying either to Michigan to meet them for Richland, or to VA to drive to Richland with them, not sure yet (I'm learning to handle less strict scheduling... it's hard for me!). Then on Sunday I will take Trevor, either with Max or Missy Ransehausen (I just butchered her name... but I'm too tired to look it up right now, I'm sorry Missy!) to NY for quarantine and then on to England. Jess is planning on meeting us in England a day or 2 later.

So to be completely honest, I just typed the last half of this blog post and clicked "enter" and my laptop deleted the rest.... Grrrr!

I will be spending my remaining days at home typing lists to make sure that everything I am leaving behind is easy to take care of for the wonderful people who are helping me out. There is so much to organize and arrange I actually have a list of all of the lists that I need to type! But it will all get done and all will be well. :)

On a less stressful and chaotic note: I got a new horse this week! Her name is Emma and she is one of the most gorgeous horses I have seen! (she's not exaclty smiling in this picture on the left, but she really is quite pretty). Emma is a lovely blood bay and a beautiful body type. She is 14 and has been an eventer for quite a while and even did quite well this past Winter in Florida with the big kids. I am so looking forward to having some fun and fight-free (no offense to Jelly lol) competitions with her in the future! Jelly is still doing really well and is on track to do his move-up soon. The original plan of moving up this weekend on the 15th at Poplar fell through because Jan had to cancel the clinic, Jess had to leave and wouldn't be around to help me with him, etc. So the Training Level debut has been pushed back to after the England trip, but that's really ok. That will just give me enough time to prepare and enjoy it.

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