Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dressage day at Richland

Trevor did Dressage today at Richland and was such a good boy! His trot work really is better than ever, he's really come a long way. We had some rain today, but luckily it stopped just long enough for Trevor's test. He is not show jumping and completing the competition, so placings don't matter at all... but he scored a 37 and is standing in 10th after Dressage. He got extra treats today :)
Tomorrow is an off day for Trevor. He doesn't run cross country until Saturday morning, so we'll spend the day tomorrow unpacking and repacking everything to make sure that everything is where it needs to be for the big trip to England.
Elizabeth is on her way up right now (didn't get to leave KY until after work so she won't be here until really late. Bless her heart!). I'm so excited to get to spend the day with her tomorrow! I'll be braiding the great Freddie for his first Novice dressage test tomorrow. :) Elizabeth and I will spend the rest of the day (when I'm not packing, ofcourse) walking XC courses and shopping at the vendor village. Should be a fun day. :) Hopefully it won't rain!

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