Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sorry I'm behind!

The internet at the farm has been down, and I have not been able to blog the past couple of days! I have to make this very brief because my computer battery is about to die. :/ I walked to the hotel where Jess is staying to use the internet and I got here with only like 20 min of battery on my computer... typical.

Things at the farm have been really slow the past few days. Early rides and then long days is about all that has been happening. Yesterday we took advantage of the schedule and went to Bath for the day. That has to be the most gorgeous place I have ever seen! I dont' have time to post pictures again, but I took near 100! So I'll have to post those as soon as I can. It was SO amazing! We got to tour the Abbey where the first King of England was crowned. Talk about Old!

Sounds like the jog went well for all of the American and Canadian horses at Burghley. Unfortunately, Buck had to go to the ER because of a hernia, so he'll miss out. Such a shame :(. I'm having a hard time finding a list of ride times on the Burghley website, so not sure when everyone goes, but hoping it goes well for all of them!

Hopefully my internet will be up again soon and I can post more and include some pictures. Until then, hope things are well in the States! And Happy Birthday Walter!!! :)

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