Saturday, September 5, 2009

Burghley XC day!

Amanda (Jessica Phoenix's groom) and I are here on the farm today basically alone. Both of our Jessicas went to Burghley for the weekend and we are here tending to our ponies. This morning was great. Not too cold (for once!) and certainly not hot and hardly a cloud in the sky. I took Trevor on a long walk this morning around the gallop track. It was so nice to sit in the saddle again! The view from the top of the gallop is incredible. The track goes up a fairly steep hill, then levels off for a bit, then back down a longer hill. I think you can see to the end of the world from the top of that gallop! It was amazing. So quiet, calm, and gorgeous. I felt like the luckiest person in the world to be there sitting on a horse as incredible as Trevor. Three laps around the track, alternating directions to keep it fun for Trevor, made up our hour long ride. I wanted to go another lap, but figured Trevor's hind end wouldn't appreciate another lap of walking up steep hills on the bit! :)

We spent the afternoon in front of the computer watching what was available of Burghley XC coverage. BurghleyTV wasn't working, so there was no video streaming. Horse and Hound had a text chat-like thing going live all day though. It was like watching what the announcer was saying all day long. We thought that might not be very entertaining, but it ended up being quite interesting. I already knew what the course looked like and I atleast know of all of the riders so it was easy to follow along.

It was a rough day for the horses from North America. :/ Someone at the event said that the American horses looked very tired on course. Only 3 of the 8 American horses got around clean today. Phillip and Milo are in 4th place going into SJ after a great xc round. Amy Tryon and Leyland went clean w/ like 13 time, and Buck Davidson (who ended up riding just 3 days after hernia surgery!) went clean w/ only like 15 time. Jennifer Wooten and The Good Witch had a stop on course but finished, as well as Missy Ransenhausen and Critical Decision. Karen O'Connor fell off of Mandiba after already having a stop (such a bummer! I love that horse!), Becky Holder retired Courageous Comet, and Allison Springer and Arthur were eliminated for having 3 stops on course. As far as our 2 Canadian riders go... still not the best of days. Kyle was the first Canadian to go on the awesome Madison Park. they seemed to be having an awesome round until fence 20 when Kyle had a fall and Parker took off. Sad! They are both fine, but I"m sure Kyle is very disappointed. Diana Burnett went later with Manny and finished the course, but had 2 stops at the Leaf Pit at Fence 4. She then took all of the long routes to get around the course without more stops (1 more stop would have been elimination). So she had quite a bit of time. But good for them for getting around!

Show Jumping should be televised here tomorrow. Jess and Jess are coming back probably early afternoon to ride the boys. And then it's only a couple of days until we leave for Blenheim! Trevor will have a dressage schooling tomorrow, a short jump and then a gallop monday and then it's off to the big show! fingers crossed that everything goes to plan. Today was a great example of how hard work and well thought out plans can go awry in a minute.

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