Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi from Blenheim!!!

I found an internet connection!!! That's the good news. :) Bad news is: again, I am down to only 20 min of battery. :( Just checking in to say that it is absolutely gorgeous here!!! The dressage rings are in the front lawn of the palace and the view is incredible. We haven't walked the cross country course yet, but what we can see on the hack up to the ring from the barn looks great!

We have had a great couple of days here so far. Almost everyone on our barn aisle speaks French. haha! I am supposed to go over to their lorry later for a French lesson. We'll see how that goes... :) David is here and doing lessons and seems to be very pleased with how Trevor is going. Christiana is also happy with his soundness and health, so that's always a good thing!

Today was the First Horse Inspection (aka-the jog). I set a new all-time personal record *drum roll please!* 31 braids in Trevor's mane! He looked beautiful at the jog and the ground jury was pleased with him. Tomorrow is dressage day. Trevor is supposed to go at 12:24 tomorrow so think happy thoughts for us! That will be 6:24am at home. :)

I hate to be brief, but my computer is going to die. I need to find a plug converter in the morning so that I can charge up and write more tomorrow.

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